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Progressives, Please Stop Whining!

I may be liberal in my views but I get very tired of listening to the post-election whining of people, media outlets and progressive sites. The hypocrisy is endless. Case in point, the calls to ban the electoral college. If … Continue reading

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Trump. I Get It. I do.

I know so many of us are stunned at Donald Trump’s surprising win against Hillary Clinton.  At the same time I completely understand why so many want radical change.  People are angry.  I am one of them. For years our … Continue reading

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Where’s The Anger?

Someone I know recently asked ‘where has all the angry music gone’.  And I feel that to my soul.  I am so angry at the world for so many things.  As someone who uses music as medicine, it’s no wonder … Continue reading

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The Silencing of Science

I guess you could call me a nerd. I do wear glasses. Tape is lacking though, at least for today. I have no pocket protector. There’s no calculator in my pocket…well there is one on my phone. There are days … Continue reading

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Bono – The Dark Side of Philanthropy

I have long been questioning the money side of U2 and, in particular, Bono.  Where our perception is one of a giving man, a Christian man, a saviour for a continent, has something changed? What twigged this today for me was … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy The Bullshit

I sit and wonder Ponder and plod Through the scum and filth Of the daily view That life brings There is nothing real In what we see Just lies and misdirection In attempts to distract And confuse everything We see … Continue reading

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Dear Ford Nation – Why?

I am not going to insult the mayor of Toronto here. He is not my favourite politician. Not everything he’s done is bad, to be fair. I don’t agree with him on a lot of things policy-wise but controlling spending … Continue reading

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