Could U2’s Album Be Called “Infinity”?

U2 Sirens

I’ve been have a field day playing around with the bits and pieces of the U2 news in recent weeks.  I am holding firm on my belief the album will be released November 4th (see this).

And this not official but pretty official looking teaser for Sirens contains some interesting details.

It may be real though has not posted it as I write this. Could be an awesome fake. The part that made me think it might be real was the “8” figure at the end.

Now “U2 8” seems like bullshit but one never knows. The way it was put together made me wonder if the album might not be called “Infinity”. THAT title plays into my ongoing conspiracy theory that this will be end for U2. More on that if this turns out to be real. Perhaps the second album release during this coming tour (did I mention ongoing conspiracy theories?) will be called “Resurrection” or maybe “Omega”. Remember you heard it here first (notwithstanding my array of terribly wrong predictions!).

Oh! When I tried to go to, I ended up on a Bing page. So? When I tried and what did I get? Page requested not found. Hmmmm…..

U2 Sirens 2

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Where I Am Going

Where I Am Going
I marked the date on the calendar
Like it was a cross
Some form of endless remembrance
Of some piece of time I had lost

I walked to the door and it opened
Don’t recall if that was my fault
It seemed like principled idea
Now burning like a wound full of salt

The driver said this was place
This was where I had wanted to be
But when I stepped out there was nothing
Barren landscape I needed to flee

Words can escape
From my mouth
Or just me
And a dice roll might remind me
From whence it came
But where I am going
Might just be insane

Second turn to minutes
And hours turn to dust
Black water into oil
And gold into rust

My blood glows and glistens
Through my rice paper skin
As my fist slams into
My patronizing grin

Lest ye believe
That violent refrain
Red curled lips
My own disdain

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Do We Have A U2 Release Date?

U2 Album

Please check out my guest blog entry at Alan Cross’ Journal of Musical Things to see what I’ve discovered…

You can view my blog post here!

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The Silencing of Science

silence science

I guess you could call me a nerd. I do wear glasses. Tape is lacking though, at least for today. I have no pocket protector. There’s no calculator in my pocket…well there is one on my phone.

There are days I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I grew up with heroes like John Glenn and Carl Sagan. And I had musical heroes too. And sports heroes. I didn’t celebrate the stupid people. No one did. People who did stupid things were, well, stupid.

Education was important. Yes, we all hated school at times but we knew we had to do it. We wanted a good job and a future. Government cuts to education have taken the potential out of our schools. This is not teachers fault. The media and the government love to focus on the few bad teachers instead of praising and promoting the best and brightest. All you ever hear about is the ‘luxury’ of summers off and the occasional teacher sleeping with a student. Why is creation being touted as science when it is anything but? And why are you okay with that? Why do you think Christian teachings have anything to do with school let alone ALL the public?

Turn on your tv these days and what do you see? News? Hardly. Infotainment is the buzzword for what news has become. Stylized bullshit. They don’t have journalists telling stories. They have on-air reporters showing you sensations. A Bieber story would clobber anything related to climate change.

President Obama has been slammed for his intellect, being called an ‘elite’ for having an education. In Canada, Prime Minister Harper has closed labs and ridiculed the need for, and the need to, have that kind of data. Meanwhile his government extracts Facebook data, openly admitting they use the data to ‘see how government programmes are being received’ but don’t bother sharing that with the other elected parties nor with the public who elected them. They also eliminated the long-form census as ‘unnecessary’ even though that data is critical to making informed programme decisions.

When did data become a bad word?

Question everything

As we watch science get further and further ignored. As we watch real information get pushed away in favour of partisan buzzwords. As we watch our education levels drop. Let me ask you this:

How does that tv you are watching work? Did magic make that happen? God perhaps?

How does your cell phone work? Can you fix it if it breaks?

In Texas and California, what is causing the massive drought?

Why does all the Arctic and Greenland ice appear to be melting at alarming rates? Check out this discussion on Antarctic ice melt and the repercussions coming for the generations that follow.

Why are the storms we see today seem to be bigger and stranger than any we’ve seen before? And why so many more of them?

How are we going to solve these problems and many others? By hoping? Praying? Leaving it to government even though you don’t believe in government.


We already know the answers to those I asked above. And that we humans are destroying this planet we live on is already known. That we don’t have resources to support the population of this planet indefinitely is known. That spouting endless streams of dirty smoke into the air and dumping millions of gallons of chemical waste into waterways is not good for people, cities, agriculture, oceans, fish, animals is known.

Why don’t you care?

Ignorance is not a luxury we have time for. I wonder why you are okay leaving your children and grandchildren and their children a planet that we are killing and quite likely a life that will be hell in many ways. Is it too hard? Are we not smart enough to address this? Do you just not care?

Do you think if we educated our children really well that, perhaps, together, they might have a chance, using science to come up with solutions instead of wishing the problem away? Is it possible that being smart should be celebrated instead of ridiculed? Is there a chance that promoting science instead watching duck hunters, bounty hunters and the stupid ways people die might be a better use of our time?

Pay attention

So why not start looking at the world. The whole world. And people. ALL the people. And start asking questions. Look around. See what’s going on. Use the web but be careful as there is as much bullshit on their as there is truth. Question everything. And where does that idea come to play? Oh yeah, science! The most basic fundamental of science is questioning everything. Even when they discover something, keep questioning it.

Unlike our politics today and our religious views where everything is black or white, I’m right, you’re wrong and you are stupid for believing it. Science finds truths and keeps on asking. The problem is we spend too much time believing partisan political hacks and too little trying o understand the truth and the science behind so many issues we face.

Do want news? Don’t watch CNN or FoxNews or MSNBC or SunNews. CBC in Canada and the BBC is Britain are generally better at reporting (but kep asking questions). Watch shows like Vice and Cosmos to learn the realities and the histories. Read all sides of a story, not just the one you want to hear. Assume everything you believe and hear is wrong and start asking. Question politicians. And listen carefully to what they say in response. Then ask more. You pay them. Find out what the party they belong to is pushing. And ask. Sometimes things that sound good on paper are just steps to other thing which are worse.

If you give a crap about your family and having a sustainable life, demand more from their education. Push your kids to learn and ask. And when you can’t answer a question, don’t get mad or upset that you don’t know. Go find out. You’ll be surprised how easy that can be most of the time.

Science needs to be something more than a bad word. Let’s get the gag off science and start really working for the future. Our children deserve better than we are leaving them. Let’s help them deal it by preparing them as best we can for it. That starts and ends with education. And science.


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Graffiti Promise Heart

Graffiti 1

I woke up this morning with a start
Sly grin appeared
Graffiti promise heart
Writing myself on the world

Washed out or washed up?
I can take it
So just bring it
I should know!

You can pile on and pummel
Take a flying leap of faith
Send me down the black hole
Fighting back with my mace

Situation’s calling
Can you read my mind?
I told you and told you
Now you can listen for a change

There ain’t no bitchin’
Life it comes as it comes
I’m the chef of this kitchen
And like I said, you’ve been served

So walk, don’t run
Head high as the sky
My strut is my badge
Feelin’ fine as the wine

Sun lights my power
Fresh prince of the air
Out front and moving
You with me? You dare?

Graffiti 2

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Sentient 1

Sitting here, watching
Waiting for time
Waiting for the day
Waiting for the moment

It begins again

I hoped I wouldn’t
Said it can’t
Said it never
Said it won’t

Too late now

For a sentient human
You’d think I’d know
You’d think I’d see
You’d think I’d care


So I make the wish
Changing the rules
Changing the place
Changing myself

Ever pursuing

Can I be happy?

With coulds and shoulds
Being conscious
Being selfless
Being real


Sentient 2

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Name The New U2 Album Game

The Name Game

So while the endless wait for the U2 album or albums to arrive continues, let’s play a game.

As I have stated endless times, I believe this will be the last release(s) for U2 and the last tour. After all they are getting old and I think they’d love to leave on top. Except Bono! He thinks he’s Mick Jagger!

Anyway, let’s work on the assumption that there will be a final album released in the next two years.

Let’s see what that should be called!

I want your guesses, both serious and funny, angry and philosophical. I will provide a few examples and then it’s your turn to buzz in and play!

Possible “Last” U2 album names:

The Cross

Bono Cross

Line On The Horizon

U2 Line

Stick A Fork in It

U2 done

Meeting My Maker

U2 Maker

Bigger Than The Beatles

U2 Abbey Road

Okay, folks and fans, lovers and haters, your turn.  Give it all you got!!

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Was ‘No Line On The Horizon’ Prophesy?

U2 Prophesy

I’m sure, like any U2 fan, you are sick of this. We just passed the 5 year mark since No Line On The Horizon was released. And we may hit the 6 year mark before all is said and done. Or more. So was U2 warning us with that last release that the next one was going to be a problem?

No Line On The Horizon

So what does this all mean? Was the title of the last album a warning? Did they know they would be taking this long? A U2 prophesy!

We have some U2 fans literally dying for a new release. People are annoyed and frustrated.

This speaks to one of two possibilities.

No Mojo

The first one. The one most likely to annoy hard-core fans. The one that seems most unlikely but may not be is whether the band feels they have lost their touch. Is the mojo gone? Has God stopped walking through the room?

U2 Oscars

Some of you may scream “But, but, but, the Grammies. The Oscar nom”. Frankly both those songs, while very good, were truly nothing new in the creativity department. Feel free to scream at me for saying that. I felt both songs were standard. Now for most bands, that would be considered exceptional. Where U2 is concerned, there’s always the expectation of ‘more’. Even from themselves.

U2 The End

And what that leads to is the possibility I’ve been discussing for a couple of years now. That the band has decided that this is it. Last album. Last tour. And walk away. And the goal here being a final number one album and leave on top. Now given Bono’s ramblings, the final album may be two very different albums with the second one coming mid-tour – a la Achtung Baby/Zooropa, but that does not preclude the goal.

The boys are not getting any younger. Recording two first class exit albums and a three year world farewell tour will put them at their late 50’s. A 2017-2018 finish would land Bono at 57-58 years old. These guys may be of the ‘tour until you die’ set but I don’t really think so. I think leaving a lasting legacy is important to them and not being a laughable band with a Steel Wheelchair tour in mind just does not apply.

Time marches on. I really think this will be it. I understand the want of perfection for them. They have to be careful that people have not already moved on by the time they launch.  I mean really, there HAS to be a line on this horizon.


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So, When I Was 12


My life as a music addict was just beginning. I had a brother 10 years older who was big into the 60’s psychedelia. Bonus was his reel-to-reel stereo system. My sisters were into rock and pop, mostly mainstream at that time – Elvis, Beatles. I had grown up listening to my parents love of movie musicals – everything from Doris Day to Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. My mother also loved country music and we watched shows like Hee Haw with Buck Owens.

Suffice it to say I was exposed to a lot of different genres.

I grew up in Toronto. I had a good, middle class life. And back when we didn’t worry so much about safety, I would get all over the place from our east end home in Scarborough (a suburb of Toronto).

1050 CHUM

CHUM was the radio station back then. 1050 CHUM AM was the top 40 station of the day, with Jay Nelson at the helm of the morning show. Their FM sister station was 104.5 CHUM FM and it was the more eclectic and dangerous player of entire album sides and deeper tracks. Dave Marsden, who went on to help create 102.1 CFNY (now known as Edge 102), worked there around this time.

Sam The Record Man

Sam The Record Man was a mainstay anchor of downtown Toronto. The huge neon sign and the endless array of vinyl from all over the world made it a must visit for anyone who loved music. I spent hours there every summer. And one of the great things about Sam’s was that they always had the CHUM Chart (their top 30 singles and top 15 albums) on the counter you could grab.

We’ve been going through all our stuff in preparation for selling our house. And I ran across this little gem in my travels. I thought you might enjoy a brief glimpse back into October 12, 1974. Brought back a LOT of memories for me. Enjoy!  Click on the image to enlarge.

CHUM Chart 1974 Side 1_0001

CHUM Chart 1974 Side 2_0001

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I Wrote God A Letter


I wrote God a letter today
I asked him to save me stress
Make my travels easy
And my day to be blessed
He replied with the actions
Of a traffic jam
And yet another project
And I thanked Him for my trials


I prayed with gusto
And heartfelt joy
And asked of God
To save my mother
From suffering and pain
To come back to me as she was
His response was no change
And I thanked Him for my tribulations


I worshipped at my church
With the gathered faithful
Singing songs of praise
And asking forgiveness
For all the sins within
So I could be joyous once again
But guilt it still consumes me
And I thanked Him for His counsel


I won the lottery today
A massive million clams
I was so happy I can tell
I thanked God for His bounty
And wept upon the ground
I could travel and relax
And help so many out


I have to wonder
And I always question
Why God can be so cruel
So heartless and inconsistent
Does He really choose each moment
Or are we actually on our own?
Left to our own devices

Why would any being of power
Bother with day-to-day drivel?
And do we really think that He would
Cause suffering and pain?
Are we really just living
And giving Him all the credit?
And giving Him all the blame?
For our own choices and decisions?

I wonder.


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