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Where Are We Now – David Bowie

A huge surprise to see this come out! A man who knows how to keep things quiet. Lyrics and song meaning below. Here’s the tracklisting:The Next Day 3:51 Dirty Boys 2:58 The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 3:56 Love Is Lost … Continue reading

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What If Bono Died?

I have asked myself this question before but I’ve never really written about it. I thought this deserved a look. With the recent death of Whitney Houston I was struck by what amounts to a truly insane reaction. People who … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on the Death of bin Laden

Here are links to Jon Stewart’s incredibly funny reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden. In the US: here In Canada: here I thought it would be poignant to include his speech from after 9/11 to understand why this … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Death

Not for the first time in the last few years, my daughters are attending a funeral today. A funeral for a friend, classmate, schoolmate. There are few things in this world that qualify as sadder. The flame of youth extinguished … Continue reading

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Neda – The Airborne Toxic Event

Listen/watch here: Definitely a favourite band of recent years. If you don’t feel a song like this you must be dead. Neda was the woman who was all over the news after she died. She was taking part in peaceful … Continue reading

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Lest We Be Judged

I’ve often sat and wondered why we are all so scared to die.  We talk about things like that so much.  If you’ve sat in a room with someone who was dying, you know if can be both unpleasant, scary … Continue reading

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