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You sit in a room, looking relaxed, Fingers splayed on your knee Your unseen fingers clenched in a fist held so tight the nails could make your palms bleed But who can see? The smile on your face belies how … Continue reading

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The Closest I’ve Been

I sit here some days With my mind in a full throttle roar I rail at the world Shake my fist at the sky And scream til my lungs can take no more The topics you know From jobs being … Continue reading

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Clear Skies – Keane

Listen here: This is from the new album titled Night Train. I’ve always liked Keane but I think they’ve been a little guilty of sounded the same a lot of the time. Tons of great songs along the way anyway. … Continue reading

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For Haiti – A Prayer

So many have come In prayer In care To bring you life and love The poor and helpless The sad The lonely Crying out in despair The crowds upon crowds Packed in Trapped in A community crushed from within The … Continue reading

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I hope I win the lottery. The Leafs are hopeless. I hope she likes me. That boy is hopeless. Hope is a dish best served with love. Hopelessness is a dark, lonely place. I need hope. I have no hope. … Continue reading

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