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If I Was Gay

If I was gay Would I be less of a person Less of a man, father Less than human? If I was gay Would you treat me like garbage Call me inhuman Think I’m an abomination? If I was gay … Continue reading

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Weapons of Truth

I stopped with a dead-blank stare Jaw-dropped, mouth breathing Responses I could not dare As I wondered Drenched in a cold lake sweat Perfumed humanity scent An allegorical debt I was frozen in my shock I walked in on a … Continue reading

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I listened to you so very carefully Gleaning each and every nuanced message I looked you hard there in the eye To see if I could cause you to flinch I stood and pondered the deeper meaning And medically induced … Continue reading

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Magic – Ladyhawke

Listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy3t6dDyXHg Ladyhawke is based out of New Zealand and really has something going on. I chose Magic as a reference only because this is the song that gets me moving. You should also check out her other singles … Continue reading

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