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The Afterlife

“How can your life have any meaning if you don’t believe in Heaven”? “What purpose is there to your life if you don’t believe anything comes after”? “It would be anarchy if everyone believed this was it”. Have you ever … Continue reading

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To Live This Life

The symbols were everywhere Cave paintings to religious icons The natterings of “what’s right” Against a backdrop of A dark and stormy night Wisdom is the enemy Of the so-called “free collective” Worship wrapped in green Belief in the new … Continue reading

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Lest We Be Judged

I’ve often sat and wondered why we are all so scared to die.  We talk about things like that so much.  If you’ve sat in a room with someone who was dying, you know if can be both unpleasant, scary … Continue reading

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We all have a sick, dark side. A short exploration of mine is here… Continue reading

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