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So Bono Is Now Disgustingly Rich – Updated

UPDATE: See my added comments and information at the end of the article… I guess I should say that he is now RIDICULOUSLY even more rich than he was before. I’m having a hard time deciding whether I need to … Continue reading

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Seismic Shift

When the world that we know doesn’t work And the pain that is suffered Drives out hope And our lives are controlled By money that we don’t have It takes some real perseverance To keep standing up Against the deterrence … Continue reading

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You feel the anger build In the cities, scapes and towns Tired of lies and greed Of these selfish, bloated clowns People wasted and starving Lost on the street While fat cats expand their wealth In walls of concrete Are … Continue reading

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Occupy My Thoughts

We live in a world of lost Up is down and wrong is right And common sense Is nowhere in sight Children starve in the streets While some just want more Where plenty means another jet Greed is a black … Continue reading

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