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I Wrote God A Letter

I wrote God a letter today I asked him to save me stress Make my travels easy And my day to be blessed He replied with the actions Of a traffic jam And yet another project And I thanked Him … Continue reading

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Lights – Interpol

Watch/Listen here: Interpol is one of those bands that I feel like I have always listened to. Their music has always been so interesting to me. There is that constant edge of darkness in the music. And the lyrics are … Continue reading

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For Haiti – A Prayer

So many have come In prayer In care To bring you life and love The poor and helpless The sad The lonely Crying out in despair The crowds upon crowds Packed in Trapped in A community crushed from within The … Continue reading

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What? #8

Jessica watched him at the window. He was lost in thought as the sun and snow created a disco ball effect of light on his face. She could see he was pensive though she couldn’t tell if he was happy, … Continue reading

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Prayer. Not Just for the Religious Any More!

In my ongoing efforts to find some sort of middle ground for us all, I thought I’d take a crack that this peculiar puppy! Prayer. What does it bring to mind for you? Bowed heads? Clasped hands? Sore knees? Foreheads … Continue reading

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What? #7

Your hand rested on mine as we sat.  That kind of slow, detached smile was on your lips as you looked at me.  Here, but there.  The corners of my lips moved up a touch but you couldn’t see.  I … Continue reading

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